Primordial Leadership


In Primordial Leadership©, over 30 years-seasoned C-executive Larry Duckworth applies cutting-edge Neuroscience to the business world to reveal why people behave the way they do at the most basic "Primordial" level—and how to leverage these powerful behavior insights into extraordinary results. Being a much different and better leader is the focus. Key "limbic system/'R-complex'" ('R' standing for Reptilian) Neuroscience findings are applied to business leadership for the first time. Implementation How-To ideas are provided as well. One CEO reader commented: “I'm certain he is at the forefront of the next trend in executive leadership development.” Another CEO commented: “'Primordial Leadership' is the first valuable overview of effective leadership since Jim Collins first published 'Level 5 Leadership' in the Harvard Business Review 15 years ago. Bravo!”


Science has deeply identified that our most basic, all-controlling Primordial Drive™ as human “animals” is to perpetuate the specie’s genes, no matter what, just like all other animals. Duckworth goes further and identifies how six enabling Primal Drives™ are controllingly at work in specific leadership settings. Perhaps uncomfortably, we are quietly on auto-pilot to perpetuate ourselves, and many Primal Drives exist to do so… that can be leveraged once understood via the Primordial Leadership book.” 


Harnessing these deeper Primordial forces present in all human "animals" can clearly differentiate you as a more powerful, valuable leader to your followers, and a figurative threat to the peers with whom you’re competing. These drives can be applied to prospects and customers also. The result is powerful, differentiating leadership, marketing and sales "new art."


Primordial Leadership© goes far beyond accepted recommendations from other popular leadership authors because it identifies the deeper Why's behind their observations. Jam-packed with practical implementation insights, stories, methods, and tools proven to materially improve results, Duckworth also shows you how to "take it to the street" with the Judo Principle™, to leverage all the Primal Drives™ to work for you rather than against you. Besides people leadership, Change Management is a key area for application of the Primal Drives, as are Marketing and Sales.