About the Book.


"Unleash the results animal" in both you and your followers!



In Primordial Leadership©, over 30 years-seasoned C-executive Larry Duckworth applies cutting-edge Neuroscience to the business world to reveal why people behave the way they do at the most basic "Primordial" level—and how to leverage these powerful behavior insights into extraordinary results. Being a much different and better leader is the focus. Key "limbic system/'R-complex'" ('R' standing for Reptilian) Neuroscience findings are applied to business leadership for the first time. Implementation How-To ideas are provided as well. One CEO reader commented: “I'm certain he is at the forefront of the next trend in executive leadership development.” Another CEO commented: “'Primordial Leadership' is the first valuable overview of effective leadership since Jim Collins first published 'Level 5 Leadership' in the Harvard Business Review 15 years ago. Bravo!”


 “Primordial Leadership explains away the hidden truths about the complex world of leadership by focusing on the learning function of the brain. The most interesting part of this read was the concise way Larry looks at Leadership. He describes in one book what we have learned by following Peter Drucker, Covey, Welch and other great leaders. This is a Top 10 Must Read for me. I will be recommending this book to my colleagues around the world."

-Jack Schiff, IBM