As overviewed below, many different leadership use content options exist in the Store. They are fully a part of the “Primordial Leader” series, with the theme of “Unleash The Beast” of your company’s success in the business “jungle.” That theme was chosen because:

The below content options, with more coming, are provided to help with you and your company being at “the top of the food chain” in your industry. They have been developed by the author based on over 30 years of successful C-level, P&L leadership, and being a student of leadership and a teacher. All have been used for proven success. 

Primordial B2B Marketing

$ 9.99

How Women Can Crack The Primordial Glass Ceiling*

$ 4.99

Primordial (Reptilian) Change Management*

$ 8.99

Primordial (Reptilian) Strategic Transformation*

$ 9.99

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Shareholder Value Liquidity Success*

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$ 19.99

Capital Attraction*

$ 19.99

B2B Sales*

$ 19.99

B2B Marketing*


Change Management*

$ 19.99

People Leadership*

$ 19.99

Strategic Transformation*

$ 19.99

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Primordial Leadership

Also available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, but without the 40 downloadable internal use tools

$19.95 + S&H

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Over 40 downloadable tools are provided for buyers for internal use

It is a jungle out thereand constantly changing

Like with the Cheetah and Gazelle, each wakes up with an imperative to run. Being the eater versus the eetee is an imperative.


The most controlling part of the brain, for leaders also, is the “limbic system/’R-Complex”

The "R-Complex" ('R' for "Reptilian") “commands certain behaviors that are necessary for the survival of all mammals… by famous Neuroscientist Paul MacLean" (The Healing Center). The Neuroscience-based Primordial Drive and enabling Primal Drives of humans, including you as a leader, are based there. They are far below the conscious level. Who manages that part of the brain the best will win the competitive battle versus competitors. Doing so is “new art” in leadership.  The Content items help leaders lead even better.

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