Use The Primal Drives to Grow Top Line, Marketshare, Profitability and Shareholder Value!



Larry Duckworth, author of Primordial Leadership and the coming Primordial Marketing and Sales has over 30 years of marketing positioning skills, experiences and insights, overviewed here.

This graph's unique and valued positioning is the starting objective

With his expertise, companies are able to:


Improve their positioning

Add and aqcuire new solutions

Increase marketshare

Improve cashflow

Go-to-market to grow revenues

Improve shareholder's value and liquidity

Marketing judo is all about absolute value and better value relative to others

Marketing involves “the exchange of value.” Doing so has many elements, including:


  • Understanding and implementing the Neuroscience based Primal Drives™

  • Determining the true value(s) being provided today, by target market(s)

  • Determining successful economics requirements

  • Understanding present competitive positioning strengths and weaknesses

  • Projecting changes in value demand in the future due to surrounding change factors (technology, laws, economics, other)

  • Planning competitive positioning strategies

  • Setting Go-To-Market plans:

-Solution(s) development and/or acquisition

-Value messaging

-Branding and packaging



-Sales (Direct and Indirect)


  • Putting those plans into action; including with the right organization and people