"Nothing done at the conscious level is accidental or ad hoc.  Our actions, views, feelings, priorities, emotions, and values are secretly determined in the hidden, Primal Drives “software”  deep within us" (PEX Network).


Science has deeply identified that our most basic, all-controlling Primordial Drive™ as human “animals” is to perpetuate the specie’s genes, no matter what, just like all other animals.


Expanding upon this most basic drive, Neuroscience studies of humans has revealed six deep ”Primal Drives” in all of us, even far below the Sub-conscious level of the brain. These are:

Risk avoidance/Safety seeking

Selfishness (including Greed)

Hope and Transcendence

Honesty and Trust

Energy Surplus and Time Optimization

Social constraints on selfishness


These can be harnessed for improved, differentiated leadership and results (business and personal)

Harnessing these deeper Primordial forces present in all human "animals" can clearly differentiate you as a more powerful, valuable leader to your followers, and a figurative threat to the peers with whom you’re competing. These drives can be applied to prospects and customers also. The result is powerful, differentiating leadership, marketing and sales "new art."


Primordial Leadership and related consulting processes significantly improve the realization of superior performance throughout the organization. The Key... Why? What? and How? of great leadership are defined and leveraged. 


Leadership: Uniquely harness these proven, neuroscience-breakthrough "Primal Drives" principals and forces for achieving even better business results through your key people assets.


Marketing: Use the Primal Drives of prospects and customers to grow top line, marketshare, profitability and shareholder value.


Sales: Quickly increase B2B sales results by harnessing and leveraging key "Primal Drives" human behavior principles for both the Sales people and the buyer.

The deep, controlling limbic system of the brain “commands certain behaviors that are necessary for the survival of all mammals… It corresponds to the reptile brain, also called ‘R-complex’, by the famous neuroscientist Paul MacLean” (The Healing Center On-Line).


The most controlling part of the brain, for leaders also, is the “limbic system/’R-Complex”' (“R” is for Reptilian).


The Neuroscience-based Primordial Drive and enabling Primal Drives of humans, including you as a leader, are based there. They are far below the conscious level.


Who manages that part of the brain the best will win the competitive battle versus competitors.
The Six "Primal Drives"
Limbic System/ R-Complex

Like in Judo one must use the forces for you. The "Judo Principal™" is applied to leverage key forces for improved sales results. 


The purpose is to help organizations execute much better, achieve stronger competitive advantages that can sustain, raise entry barriers, and materially increase top line. Doing so will also increase bottom line results. The ultimate focus is improved shareholder value. 


Leadership Judo is focused on getting the most from your most important “intangible asset,” your people.


Marketing Judo is externally focused on the important intangible asset of prospects and customers being motivated to buy based on their Primal Drives™, and good Marketing processes.


Sales Judo is aimed at getting the most results from your direct and indirect assets of Sales people and channel partners. 

The Judo Principal™

As someone who has been applying neuroscience findings to education for years, I was thrilled to read Larry Duckworth's applications of the same principles in business leadership. I'm certain he is at the forefront of the next trend in executive leadership development. A must read for everyone in management or anyone who has a desire to move up the corporate ladder, Primordial Leadership will put you on the fast track toward leadership success.

Kellie Huff, CEO, Aurora Strategies

Primordial Leadership


The Neuroscience Breakthrough In Leadership Excellence
For the first time, key "limbic system/'R-complex'"('R' standing for Reptilian) Neuroscience findings are applied  to improving business leadership. Larry Duckworth applies cutting-edge Neuroscience to the business world to reveal why people behave the way they do at the most basic "Primordial" level—and how to leverage these powerful behavior insights into extraordinary results, creating much different and better leaders.