Sales Judo


Sales "Judo" is a proven program to quickly increse B2B sales by harnessing and leveraging key "Primal Drives" human behavior principals for both the Sales people and the buyer.


Proper value positioning by marketing is augmented by key sales insights, skills and processes.


Author Larry Duckworth has many years of Sales Management and Marketing Management experiences to augment his MBA in Marketing.

Leadership Judo


Uniquely Harness Proven, Neuroscience-breakthrough "Primal Drives" Principals and Forces for Achieving Even Better Business Results Through Your Key People Assets


Neuroscience studies of humans have revealed six deep ”Primal Drives” in all of us, even far below the Sub-conscious level of the brain, that can be harnessed for improved, differentiated leadership and results (business and personal).


Primordial Leadership and related consulting processes significantly improve the realization of superior performance throughout the organization.

Marketing Judo


Use the Primal Drives of Prospects and Customers to Grow Top Line, Marketshare, Profitability and Shareholder Value


Larry Duckworth, author of Primordial Leadership and the coming Primordial Marketing and Sales has over 30 years of marketing positioning skills, experiences and insights.


He has helped many companies improve their positioning, add new solutions, acquire new solutions, and go-to-market to grow revenues, increase marketshare, improve cash flow and to improve shareholders’ value and liquidity.



Per the “Judo Principle™,” leaders must find ways to proactively leverage many constantly changing positive and negative forces to achieve better results. Who does it best wins.


Like in Judo one must use the forces for you. Leadership Judo is focused on getting the most from your most important “intangible asset,” your people. Marketing Judo is externally focused on the important intangible asset of prospects and customers being motivated to buy based on their Primal Drives, and good Marketing processes. Sales Judo is aimed at getting the most results from your direct and indirect assets of Sales people and channel partners. The "Judo Principal™" is applied to leverage key forces for improved sales results.


The purpose is to help organizations execute much better, achieve stronger competitive advantages that can sustain, raise entry barriers, and materially increase top line. Doing so will also increase bottom line results. The ultimate focus is improved shareholder value.