Duckworth's "Strategic Transformation" Met With Welcome Reviews

Strategic Transformation Photo.jpg
Duckworth recently held a Strategic Transformation seminar for executive members of the Kettering Executive Network, KEN, was recently held.

The event was met with immensly positive reviews, just some of which are listed below:

“Thanks for the great presentation. Here's a quick assessment.

  • Logical. Clear message from beginning to end, providing a comprehensive picture of the topic.

  • Slides combined graphics with concise text/bullets

  • Quick pace was consistent with audience's needs--as you noted, bright audience that like bottom-line content/thinking

  • Directions on how to get additional information (e.g., your book, this assessment which yields copies of the slides).”

“I enjoyed meeting you today and gaining your career insights on leadership. I heard other Kettering members comment on how useful your presentation was.“

“I enjoyed your presentation this morning and look forward to reading your book. Thank you!”

“You packed a ton of stuff into your presentation but all entertaining with quotes and logic that can’t be faulted. Great models / concepts. You can tell you’ve been there – done that……and not just reading from a script. I liked your light approach / humor. Definitely not boring.”

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