"Primordial Leadership is a gold mine of penetrating and practical leadership insights! Don't be surprised if a point stops you in your tracks...”

Services Company CEO

"Primordial Leadership explains away the hidden truths about the complex world of leadership by focusing on the learning function of the brain. The most interesting part of this read was the concise way Larry looks at Leadership. He describes in one book what we have learned by following Peter Drucker, Covey, Welch and other great leaders. This is a Top 10 Must Read for me. I will be recommending this book to my colleagues around the world."

Jack Schiff


"Larry makes a comprehensive distinction between good managers and leaders, and offers a detailed explanation for the effective behaviors of both, clearly illustrating that not all good managers make good leaders, and vice-versa. 'Primordial Leadership' is the first valuable overview of effective leadership since Jim Collins first published 'Level 5 Leadership' in the Harvard Business Review 15 years ago. Bravo!"

Sam Yates

CEO, TMS-Solutions

"I just wanted to send a note telling you how much I'm enjoying reading your book.  Once I had a few minutes to myself, I found myself fully engaged and appreciative.  It reminded me of just why I like what I do.  Thank you! Now, I'm  having a hard time putting it down and I'm carrying it with me everywhere.


"As someone who has been applying neuroscience findings to education for years, I was thrilled to read Larry Duckworth's applications of the same principles in business leadership. I'm certain he is at the forefront of the next trend in executive leadership development. A must read for everyone in management or anyone who has a desire to move up the corporate ladder, Primordial Leadership will put you on the fast track toward leadership success.”

Kellie Huff

CEO, Aurora Strategies, Inc.

"Thank you very much for your Change Management seminar and Primordial Leadership, I found it very thought provoking like I said during the drinks afterwards. It does explain very cleverly how the human brain works so that we can use it as a tool for change instead of a barrier to the change we want to bring to the organisation. Many other uses exist also.  


“I would very much appreciate if you could also send across the self audit checklists that you mentioned during your presentation, I am sure they will be handy for the organisational changes that we are going through at the moment. Thank you very much. All the best."

PI/Lean Executive

VISA Europe

"Ok, I can't put the book down. One quick question? Please explain the quote on page X - "Too soon old, too late smart" every time I think I got it, I am not sure. Also that was the fastest Maze I have ever done. The key truly is to begin with the end in mind. Thanks for selling me the book. We do have to get this in the hands of serious people."

Bill Ellison

CEO, Retelligent

"Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that this was one of the best seminars I've ever attended."

Strategic Consultant


“Thank you for presenting a first-rate webinar on 'How to Use New Brain Science to Overcome Resistance to Change'.”

VIP attendee at a Change Management seminar

"On another note - I'd love to get you featured as one of our speakers/workshop leaders on the Process Transformation website (see www.processtransformationweek.com)..."

P&L Manager

International Seminars Group

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